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310s Automotive Technician

McNally Auto Services

We are Carflex Group and we are looking for talented Motor Mechanics/Automotive Technicians to join us in Canada at one of our many innovative Auto Repair Shops!

Specific opening is for McNally Auto, a licensed 310s Automotive Mechanic with 7+ years diagnosing European vehicles . Pay is $30/hour 

**Quick Summary:
1) Canada is the 3rd best country to live in the world (OECD).
2) We have a shortage of high-quality Motor Mechanics - meaning wages are strong.
3) Come stay from 2 years to the rest of your life (we will help you can Canadian Permanent residency)
4) Come work for one of Canada’s fast-growing automotive companies.

A-Level Technician- Lead Technician/Master Mechanic/Shop Foreman - can diagnose most electrical problems, can consistently do 45+ hours of billable work per week, able to train/assist/lead other technicians. A Technicians earn between $80K-$130K CDN per year ( 55K euro to 85K euro).

B-Level Technician -2-10 years licensed, strong mechanical skills, growing electrical skills, capable of producing 40+ hours of billable work per week, and the go-to number 2 for a lead technician. B Technicians earn between $60K and $80K CDN per year (37K to 55K euro)

Life Decision:

We know relocating to Canada is a big life decision, so we are here to support every step of the way. Martin Healy, Carflex Group’s Director of Talent, has been in your shoes before. After moving to Canada in 2015, Martin, an Irish Citizen, earned his Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) in 2017 after working for Carflex Group as a Service Manager for our flagship Garage, McDermott Motors. Martin now splits his time between Ireland and Canada. Email Martin at (martin at to setup a time to explore if this is the right move for you!

Moving to Canada - How We Support You!

  • Secure Job:We will give you a signed job offer before you ever leave Ireland. Depending on your experience level and desired lifestyle, we will work with you to find the perfect role in one of our many Auto Repair Shops.
  • Visa Sponsorship:As a Carflex Group Employee, we will *sponsor*your visa, as well, we will assist you through the entire visa process (this takes 2-4 months).
  • Canadian PR Support:While you are working in Canada, we will help you secure your permanent residency so you can stay and prosper in Canada.
  • Moving:International moves are expensive and complicated - we help make this part simple.
  • Local Accommodation:We will help you secure a great place to live and get you set up with everything you need to be comfortable in Canada.
  • Health Insurance & Benefits:As a Carflex Group employee, we provide excellent health insurance and benefits - so you are always protected.

About You (Qualification):

  • Licensed Automotive Mechanic with 2-10+ years of qualified experience
  • Have a clean driving record and valid license
  • Open to spending a minimum of 2 years living in working in a Canadian City like Toronto
  • Be hard working, respectful, and excited for a new life adventure

**About Working in Canada:

Our Shops:
We have Auto Shops located in the province of Ontario, mostly located around the city of Toronto. We have shops right in downtown Toronto, and in smaller cities located around Toronto. All of our shops are independent/aftermarket shops with 4-15 bays.

Vehicles: 90% are European (Audi/VW, BMW/Mini, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jag, Porsche)

Mechanics usually work 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. We have two busy times of the year when it’s time to put on Winter Tires (Nov/Dec) and take off winter tires (Apr/May). Most shops pay an hourly rate with opportunities for bonuses + overtime (hourly rate x 1.5). Most roles come with 10-15 days paid holidays and 11 paid stat/bank holidays to give you lots of time to travel and explore Canada and the USA.